Computer Repairs


  • PC Repairs - Simple or complex, hardware or software, we can diagnose and fix all PC problems
  • Slow PC - Most likely a virus or spyware. Complete removal of all viruses and spyware
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Computer Repair

New Computer


  • Data Migration is extremely important when purchasing a new computer and want to have everything from your old computer on your new one? Move pictures, documents, printers, software, and desktop. Update and setup new computer for a seamless transition.
  • Let us set it up for you. Remove addware that is preinstalled on new computers. Transfer your documents, settings, pictures, and favorites from your old PC. Install printers and software.
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Computer Builds


  • Custom Computer Systems and Servers - Get a better product for a fraction of the price whether it's a server for your business or a gaming system for a gift.
  • Gaming Systems - Work with out highly skilled team to create a custom gaming system for you or as a gift for the Gamer in your life!
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Computer Tuneup


  • Computer Tuneup - In depth tuneup and cleaning of hardware and software. Don't wait until it's to late!
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